Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?  

12A - contains psychological menace

Former queens of Hollywood Bette Davis and Joan Crawford star in a horror-melodrama, complete with a Hitchcockian streak of sick humour. The film kicks off with two long prologues that give us a chance to learn about Baby Jane (Davis) a monsterous child-star of the 1920s and her sister Blanche (Crawford) a Hollywood glamour sensation of the 1930s. It’s clear from the outset they resent each other and jealousies and scandal bubble throughout the film. Blanche has been confined to a wheelchair since an ‘accident’ that everyone blames on Baby Jane, who drunkenly abuses her sister at every chance she gets. Set against the backdrop of a decaying Hollywood mansion this classic will leave you feeling more than a little chill.


Robert Aldrich


Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Victor Buono

USA, 1962, 132 mins

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